We offer our services in 12,000 acres of wonderful mountains with a high popullation of Carmen Mountain (CARMINIS) Whitetail Deer, Rio Grande Wild Turkey, small mammals such as Pecari, Bobcat, hare, rabbit… many birds such as: white wing Dove, Huilota Dove, quail, blue bird; and you can also be able to see Black Bear and Cougar, which live in this area of the state of Coahuila. We are in a place deep in the wild with no “human pressure” so you will be able to enjoy wildlife in a unique and peaceful place.


Within this area the vegetation is compound by shrubbery, pine tres, oaks and palmtree. Elevation ranges from 2400 ft to 4500 ft over sea level. The mountains are unique rocky semi desert thru low forest characterises the Sierra del Burro, something never seen by many people.